Chapter 2
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Chocolicious Café

April 7th 2013

12:41 pm


“Ah, not those poker face again.” Kaito stared at the CEO of Souma Corp, Daisuke which the next head of the company and his family when his father, the current head will retire. Kaito has been working under them and right now as personal assistant for Daisuke. Kaito has been the only one that Daisuke trusted the most.

Daisuke was taken a bit and he straightened his back, “Apologizes.”

Kaito knew, Daisuke always kept that cool and heartless façade even though when they’re not in the company. However, this time looks different. Something bothered him.

“Is there anything that bothered you lately? You know I can help you.”

“No, it’s nothing. I am completely fine.”

“Fine? I don’t see that way, unfortunately.”

Daisuke raised his head to look at his assistant. Even though he was his assistant, there are times where they were talking each other like friends and Daisuke don’t deny that he was glad for his companion. He was glad when the waiter they were calling for arrived and took their orders. After the waiter dismissed and left them, Daisuke hoped that Kaito didn’t ask the question again but damn, he did.

“Don’t run away. You know that you can talk everything to me.” Kaito raised his eyebrow, waiting for his friend to spoke. Daisuke knew that he can’t run away anymore, not when Kaito determined to make him answer his question.

“Father.. arrange me into a marriage.”



Daisuke stared at his friend, expecting to see a surprise face on Kaito and he did have that. Kaito’s mouth hanged open as his eyes widen.

“S-Seriously? President really turn you into an arrange marriage?”

“Yeah, and mother said that our family knew my bride-to-be’s family for a long time. I suspected that I might know them too but no one came into my mind who is the girl that would..”

Kaito’s mouth keeps hanging open and closed it when he realized he opened them for a long time. Still feels shock from the news; he tried to think an answer how to talk nicely to Daisuke about this. He might don’t have any clue how one will be in his situation but from his expression, he at least knew that his friend seemed frustrated.

Their conversation cut off when the waitress brought their orders and put the food on the table before leaving them with a smile. Daisuke didn’t care about it and paid attention to his food. Kaito noticed the waitress’s eyes were on Daisuke but too bad, she was ignored.

He knew, Daisuke isn’t type to chase the girl or care about their flirt. He always ignores them.

“Maybe I should run away..”

“..huh? Don’t be dumb, go see the girl and don’t judge by first look. Look her real self, and then decide by yourself. I don’t think your parents would be happy to make you marry to someone that won’t make you happy-“


All the eyes were on them when Daisuke shout out so loud. Kaito frowned and tried to calm his friend while apologizing to everyone for disturbing them. When he sensed Daisuke calmed down, he sighed. Kaito shook his head and reached to pat his friend’s shoulder, “Look, I never gotten myself into something like that but I advise you; think carefully before do anything. Don’t be that American where they act before think!”

End the conversation with a laugh, Daisuke blinked his eyes and smiled a bit. He’s right. He shouldn’t feel burdened just by the news if he still didn’t meet the said-girl yet. He was glad he talked about this to Kaito. If not, maybe he already ran away and goes start a new life out there.

“Thank you.”

Kaito heard it and smiled, “Anytime.”

Daisuke decided to wait outside as he dislikes the staring he got whenever he moves in the café. It’s tiring him when the girls see after his look, not his personality. As he pushed the door without seeing what was behind the door, he heard a yelp from the other side. Quickly, he pushed slowly to make sure the person he bumped onto with the door didn’t being pushed again by him and went to her side.

“Are you alright?” He knelt down beside her. ”I apologize for my clumsiness, miss. I didn’t notice you and it’s my fault to be blame.”

His body froze; amber eyes stared at the person that he bumped onto. He didn’t knew why he couldn’t moving and why did he was staring.. at her? He even couldn’t do anything when the girl answered she was fine and leave him behind. Even when Kaito already paid their lunch and nudged his shoulder to ask what’s wrong with him, Daisuke couldn’t find his words and asked for Kaito to just quickly get ready to work back without answering his friend’s question; leaving Kaito with confusion on his face.

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