You Are Mine Ms. Angel
Bab 1: Bye2 London And Hello New York
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Chapter 1

Bye-bye London and Hello New York City

She is a 16 years old teenage girl. She has a blonde hair which is slightly wavy. She has ocean blue colour of eyes, a dimple in her cheek when she smiles. Her height just 5'8 feet and have an average weight. She has a perfect nose and lips. She has a star symbol of a birthmark on her left side arm up side and a very long pretty leg which look perfect on her.

She has a perfect body structure like a model. For someone who didn't meet an angel she is the one. The Beauty Queen. She is so beautiful just the way she is. She is also a brilliant student in the school. She wears a sky blue top which wrote up 'Boy Are My Angel' and wears a short pant which covered up her knee perfectly.

The one and only every boy dream girl Nithika Angelino Cedrickson. Well, everyone must wonder why her first name was in Tamil. It's all because of her mum. She is one of the big fan of a Tamil movie. That's how she gets her first name in Tamil.

She was born at the Lindo Wing at St Mary's in Paddington, West London. Where staying in a private suite for a natural birth is likely to cost up to £10,000.

The internationally renowned wing, where Princes William and Harry were born, is a dedicated private facility which caters for complex pregnancies and deliveries, as well as multiple births. Deluxe rooms or a suite are available on request - and each one is equipped with satellite TV, a radio, a safe, bedside phone and fridge. The Duchess will also be able to access the internet and have a choice of daily newspapers delivered to her room each morning throughout her stay.

And if the new mum has any special dietary requests, a dedicated kitchen staff will be on hand to cater to her needs. The Lindo Wing has a team of maternity support workers and nursery nurses who can offer advice and reassurance to all new mothers staying there.

London was her hometown, but somehow she hates that country. When we say she dislikes the country doesn't try to conclude anything that unreasonable that she insulting London or something. She has a peculiar problem in that place. That's all. Only the God knew what was the cause is. She is very polite, friendly, non-stop speaking girl, brave, intelligent, but she changed the past 7 years back. About why she changed no one knew it.

Nithika's life is not a fairytale which ends up with a happy ending. You know just like in the all story books when a princess gets her prince charming she will live happily ever after. It's about real life, guys. Yup, we talking about real life. Which means anything could be happened. She is the one and only child in her family.

Did I ever mention that she lives with her mother, Mrs. Angelica Armada Cedrickson? Yup, she is. It's just two of them. None other. Angelica is her mother. So, there is nothing to say cause Nithika really look like her mum. Her eyes, her smile, her hair all look like her. She really resembles her mum. Her mum is the best fashion designer in London. She has her own company so she doesn't need any help to look after Nithika or herself. Well, she is not that rich enough but it does enough to support their family of course.

She raised Nithika became a good girl and at the same time fulfill all her wishes without even Nithika ask for it. Thanks to God. Angelica has been done an admirable job. She works so hard to be a part of the situation they were now. Which is became a fashion designer and a best mum for Nithika.

Recently, Angelica was going to attend fashion shows in New York but she decides to move there as well too. The problem is she didn't know how to explain it to Nithika. When Angelica considers how to persuade her daughter to make her moved to the New York. She was amazed by her own daughter with an offer letter to continue her studies in Staten Island Technical High School with scholarship in the New York by looking at her previous achievement in London before.

Angelica feels so happy and proud of her daughter. They both jumped in happiness. Who would not ask for it? It's a lifetime opportunity. They also provide her scholarship. Wow! It will be so fun. She is really a stupid girl if she missed that golden chance. Opportunities don't often come along. So when they do, you just have to grab them. Just like she intending to do it now.

They book their flight ticket to New York City the days after she receives the letter sharpens at 4pm. So she helps her mum to pack the entire thing before 3pm so they won't have any problem left anything behind. Nithika takes a bath after packing their entire thing. She feels so excited to study in New York since it's one of her dreams. Finally, her dream to study in New York City going to come true.

A study in New York with a new environment, new friends, new places, new people is some much fun to elaborate and exciting. After what has been happening in her past life makes her and her mum moved and started over their new life in the New York. Who would miss that chance?

New York is the most populous city in the United States and the centre of one of the most populous urban agglomerations of the world—the New York metropolitan area. The city is known as New York City or the City of New York to distinguish it from the state of New York, of which it is a part.

A global power city, New York exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. The home of the United Nations Headquarters New York is an important centre for international diplomacy and has been defined as the cultural and financial capital of the world.


'Bye-bye, my home sweet home. New York here I came’

She was able to sing in love tuned while spine her body in the bed. Luckily, she did not fall down from the bed and broke up her bones before moved to the New York. And yeah Nithika's voice was not that bad. Her voice is just sweet and lovely. Ever heard a baby talk. Her voice just likes that. A baby voice.

'I heard that....hurry up sweetie, we are going to be late. The cab is waiting' her mum shouted while stand near the stairs.

Nithika jumped from the bed and looks herself in the small mirror which located next to the door. After she feels satisfied about her look. She grabbed the phone which she threw on the bed before she took a bath and get it back in her pocket.

'I'm coming' said Nithika while dragged all her baggage that she packed a few hours ago.

They still didn't have no idea to sell that house. So, One of Angelica's cousin will be taking good care of it. She says that she will return back soon once Nithika graduated. Nithika thought her mum might need some space to talk to her cousin. She did what she considers right. She walked to the cab placed all her thing in the Hornet and waits for her mum while tapping her foot.

It's been like half an hour since her aunt was left, but her mum didn't return back, yet. So, she decides to figure what make her took a long time to get back here now. She considered is that by any chance she cried out like a baby? She searching for her mum everywhere at last she found her in the balcony.

'Mum, I wait for you so long' She voiced out before she got near her. 'What make you took long-' her voice was stuck up when she saw her mum cried. See just as she thought her mum is crying now.

Which make Nithika get hurts inside to see her mum in this kind of situation? Well, of course she feels hurt inside to see her like that. Even though she is expected to be very strong in front of her staffs, client and relatives. Only Nithika knew it how much she was hurt all this time.

Is must be a lie if she says she already forgot everything that had been happening in their life before and wants to start a new life with Nithika. Because apparently this tear shows that how much she wants to see Nithika life happy as always before all the incident was happened in Nithika life.

What incident? Why it gives so much pain to her mum than Nithika? What happen 7 years back? That's only the time will let us know. On the situation that Nithika was now. She rather life happy and better not to be thought what has been happening in her past life. Which totally changed her life? Life will become more interesting when you really start to forget your past life.

She did not know what else to do. It's like thousand of nerve going to explode by any time. She kicks out the white rose flower pot which is in the balcony. Poor white flower pot. They break into pieces. Seriously, Nithika having an anger problem. Which she can't control it. She usually threw, curse, kick, or break anything she looks first. Just likes now. She really needs to control her anger or else she might be ending up in the problems of the future.

She just can't stay and act cool when she knows exactly what make her mum cry now. Who else if not him. She is so mad of him for making their life sucks. Her promise to herself that he definitely going to pay for that one day. She took her mum hand slowly and holds it. When she held up, she saw nothing in her mum's eyes except the pain. Which she never saw that before all this year or perhaps she didn't realize it at all. She just observed her mum and thought if she didn't tell something now her mum will not stop crying.

'I promise you, mum' her mums just watch her the tears keep rolling over her cheeks.

'I didn't need him. Trust me. We'll start a new life in New York. I guarantee I will never let that devil or that incident ruined my life again. Sorry for hurting you all this time. You are the only one that I loved Armada' her mum quickly wrapped her arm around her waist and pull her into a hug after Nithika finished her talk.

'Ssshhhh....stops worrying about me. I'm okay' her mum is console her now. Nithika didn't realize she was worrying too much until her mum said so.

'What make you think he still wants you after what has been happening in your life? I know him so well than you do. Never lose your life for him. It's enough of what has been going through because of him, Nithika. Stop hoping' at least her mum stop cried and advise her.

'Okay, let make a mother and daughter pinkie promise' said Nithika after she pulled out of the hug. Angelica just nod.

'We promise to drop whatever our past life is here and will never make that past haunted our life in the New York' scream Nithika and Nithika's mum while make a pinkie promise.

'Come on, we need to get back to the car before that guy runs away' said Nithika's mum.

'Oh..Crap..The cab. I'm totally forgetting about it awhile ago' Nithika mentally slap her head and smiled.

They laugh together before Nithika's mum lead the way to the cab. It's took an hour for them to arrive at the main door of the London City Airport cause the distance between her house to the airport is 30km away. Yup, she does live far away from the place. Nithika's mum lend enough money to the driver and say thank you.

They check in the ticket and the passport. After that they waiting in front of the signboard to watch the flight take out time in the flight announcement board.

'Welcome to London City Airport. Good evening to the passengers. The next flight is to New York City. We demand to all passengers to come to the boarding line now. Enjoy the travel and have fun. Happy holiday. Thank you for choosing this flight' the airport staffs voice out.

That was awesome. No wonder the London City Airport's was the world famous airport. Their facilities and their system were awesome, amazing and first class. Their principal is put on the customer's wanted in the first place no matter how small was their demand. It's one of their policies. Nithika just smiles like an idiot there while thinking of their policy. Luckily, no one noticed her or else they might be ending up in thinking she is crazy.

I know what you guy thinks. Yup, she is Nithika Angelino Cedrickson who never ever took any flight before. She even didn't how the plane looks like? Hahaha....well she is not like the other people whom like to travel to abroad for a vacation. I told you she was a different girl. The correct word to describe her is weird.

'Nithika!' yelled Nithika's mum.

It's make she jumped a little. She almost causes Nithika get a heart attack cause she thought it's just some random guy who stalked her. After a few formalities they get in the plane. Well airport is always crowded by people each second of the time because of business travelling, business or studies like Nithika going now. Nithika and her mum were travelling in business classes. There were few rules and instructions are giving about what to do in case if the plane is about to crash or something.

Nithika is just a good listener so she actually listens to all the instruction details and when the flight is taken until her eyes begged her to sleep. She drifts in sleep fast maybe because of the tired packing and thinking about her past while Angelica just admired her face when she slept. Angelica adjusts Nithika's fallen hair on her face and tucked it behind her ears which cause her having a little bit trouble in sleeping. She moved her body a little and laid her head in Angelica's shoulder.

'Nithika look cute when she sleeps. Look so innocent, pretty and cool than the time she was a wake up,' said Angelica like a whisper and smiled. Angelica put a blanket on her. Doesn't every girl look like that? Girl can be look like a witch when they annoyed sometimes. It's true. If you guy doesn't trust. Go on try make them angry. Do if you dare.

'Dar...Darmy....' her words stuck up. 'I hate you' while adjusting her head until she finds a comfortable place in Angelica's shoulder. This word which comes out from her mouth cause Angelica jumped a little in shock.

'I'm still loved you, Sweetie' she patted her shoulder and whisper. She placed a kiss on Nithika's forehead before she also drifts to sleep. All the passengers are falling in sleep.

She is not only made a promise to forget him totally to her mum, but she also makes her promise to herself that she won't cried for someone who didn't worth it.


The air stewardess is making an announcement after they reached the New York City.'Finally, we arrived at New York.....mum can you believe it.....We are in the famous New York City' jumping like a 5 years old girl who just got a teddy bear on her birthday when she steps her foot on the floor. Angelica just smiled at her childish. Nithika is just too excited to stay in the New York City. They walked to the check out passes to get out their things.

Angelica already got her things, but Nithika still wait for it. She is tapping her foot and wondering why it's took so late. Someone patted her shoulder. She turns around and saw no one else other than her mum.

'Nithika, I'm going to get the cab. You think you can bring your things with you' Angelica's face wreathed in smiles. She just nods. She still capable to bring her own thing without making any troubles to anyone even though she just 16 years old teenage girl. Since she says she can bring out her own thing. Angelica left her and goes out. Yes, it's so hard to find a cab in the midnight like this. They arrived at New York like 12.50am there. Wow, it's almost 1 am. Luckily, Angelica gets a cab and wait for Nithika in the outside. She text Nithika to come fast.

She put back the phone in her pocket and grabbed her luggage. She walked slowly, like a baby headed towards the exiting door. It's not like she rushes or something. Better walk slowly than move fast and get injured, right?

Suddenly, someone bumped into her before she headed toward the exiting door and causes both of them fall down. She just crawls in pain while holding her waist. Sound like she got injured. Since it's an airport so no one seems to be care about what happen to them because they already running out of the time. After all they need to catch their flight.

'Aishh...This stupid guy...Did he was blind or something? ' She just curses that guy.

The boy totally behaves like a sweet boy and bent down to give his hand to help Nithika get up. Even though he tries to help Nithika but she pushed his hand away. That guy looks disappointed on her. She just clears the dust in her pants as soon she gets up.

'It was just my mistake. I was talking on the phone and didn't realize you come forward. Mian-hae' said that guy while stretching his back neck. He seems like he scares of Nithika. That's the moment Nithika realize there is a phone in his left hand.

This guy's eyes are drooling over her body and cause her irritate. His last word was confusing her mind, but still she decides to walk out. Mian-hae means I'm sorry in Korea. She turns around to walk, but he blocked her way. Nithika gives him a death glare with the hope it's scare him, but none of that thing scare him off. So she just bursts out.

'What?’ shout Nithika while crossed her arms.

'I'm sorry. I'm really sor-' Nithika cut him off before she able to finished his words.

'Hey, boy listens. I have a lot of things to do and you’re sorry. It's forgiven. So get lost' there is heat on her voice which makes him feel disappoint. That guy still stands there like a rock in that path. So, she walked across him and leaves that guy with a lot of questions popped in his mind. Great, now he must be thinking she is crazy. Well, like mention before Nithika changed a lot. She is a not lovely girl anymore. The one thing for sure she hate boys. Look the way she talk to that guy just now. Rude and scold him like she was heartless girl.

'What a girl man?' said that guy while placed his right hand on his chest near his heart.

'This was the first time a girl avoids me' said that guy like a whispered. These guys surely is a little bit disappointed in Nithika attitude. Well, Nithika does make a promise that she wouldn't let her past haunted her but she didn't make any guarantee that she will talk nicely to boys right.

'Someone loses his charm' his friend teases him. That guy talked through the phone. He understands his friend smirked at him. Then he recognizes that he didn't hang up the phone yet. He put his phone back in his ears.

'Oh, shut up dude. By any chance did you hear everything?’ asked about that guy with a doubt. He followed Nithika from the behind without her knowledge.

'This is the first time that I heard you talked to a girl, buddy. Now, I feel like to meet that lucky girl' laughs his friend after finished his word. They just have a conversation through the phone, but he can tell that his friend enjoys teasing him and laugh at him.

'Okay, Okay. Stop laughing. This is not funny, okay?’ said the guy to keep rolling his eyes in tension. He is following Nithika until he saw her give a hug to her mum. He quickly hides behind the wall in front of the airport's main door. He heard her say sorry for late because she was bumped into a stupid guy.

'Oh! Come on. Cheer up, buddy. Go home now and.....stop following her' said his friend.

It makes that guy jumped a little bit from where he stands now. He looking around to see did his friend has a spy, but no one is there since he is out of the airport. He almost got a heart attack few minutes ago.

'How?? Did? You??' asked that guy completely shocked with his friend's question. How did his friend find out like he was there with him? He was speechless now.

'I know, buddy. Hello?? I am your best friend, okay. Besides your silent giving me a lot of meaning' explain his friend to him with smirked.

Even though, they talk through the phone. He knew it very well that his friend must be rolling on the floor because laugh at his reaction. His friend found this thing is more funny than any comedy films.

'She says she bumped into a stupid guy, dude' now he sounds like a kid who lost his gummy bears while rolled his eye balls.

'Stop cry like a baby. Would you? He already took the flight, right?' asked by his friend. He just says yes to his friend's question.

'Then what are you doing there. Wait for he return back?' asked for his friends. Since the person that he sends up in the airport already took their flight. Then what for him still in the airport. Waiting for that person returns back or what like his friend asked him.

'Yes, I am coming' said that guy with sternly. Like he was pissed off.

This guy totally behaves like a child. Nithika left the place with mum. Well, about where Nithika and Angelica are about live. Do not mind it at all. Angelica already purchased a new house in 1731 Clawson Street, Alton IL. A day before she gets the letter from the Staten Island Technical High School. It's not shocking at all for her if Nithika's mum want to begin a life in New York now.

As soon they reached home. Angelica rushed out to open the door while Nithika was left behind with the luggage. The cab is already gone like a wind as soon the driver help to take out the luggage from the hornet. This place looks scary for her. There were just so many cars are parked in the neighbourhood. Someone must throw a party tonight in their house guess Nithika. She took all the luggage and walked to the house.

'This place is not bad. Isn't it?' Asked Angelica as soon, she get in the house.

'Mrs. Armada, don't you realize? I'm having a problem with bring out all the luggage to get inside' while forcedly dragging the luggage and get in. Don't mind her. She always call her mum by her name or like the way she called now. She just snapped the luggage in the main door and saw her mum took a sip of water in the kitchen.

'Nithika, take a look at this place before you complain about that luggage' said Nithika's mum.

She knows that Nithika feel so tired, but still she does have time to say like that. What kind of mum she has? Her eyes meet Nithika before it's was laid on the luggage that she brings up. She would never disappoint her mum. Would she? So she takes a look around the house just like she says. She screams out as soon she turns around to take a look around the house.

'Well the house already provided with British type of cabinet, 60 inch TV, blue colour furniture, silver colour dining table' she keeps scanning the house and find out something which causes her eyes widen.

'Wow, guess what Mum. There is a pool in this house' yelled Nithika with a smile.

She opens up all the room, but this room caught her eyes. This room is so big enough for her to look for privacy at least. Which is near to the window. Nithika's mum, she runs quickly to the room and saw her sweet daughter rolling in the bed while screaming.

Nithika roll over and over in the bed but don't worry she didn't fall down on the bed. It's a king size of bed, full with blue mattress, Neptune blue colour wall, 40 inch LED TV, new version home theatre CD player, play station, got a bathroom which complete with water tub. Oh God! It's looks like the VIP suite in the hotels which cause Nithika like it. Look like Nithika's mum ask someone to prepare all this thing before they moved here.

'Not to mention the beds is were so comfy to lay and take a nap. It's a king size bed, mum. I loved it. This house was much better than the house we had in the London' she said with exciting after looking at her new house. She cuddled in her king size bed after pulling up the blanket.

'Sweetie, at least change your clothes' said Angelica while smiles at Nithika.

She just shakes my head as no. Since, her travel in the plane for 3 hours. She get tired. Her body ached. Her eyes are begging to sleep. She didn't able to think anything and went to sleep quickly without thinking about anything even though there were so many things running out in her mind.


In the morning around 11am.

'Nithika!'yelled her mother from downstairs. The voice was just so familiar. Then something hit her head.

'Oh my God! It's used to be my mum. What is the time now?' She groans as roll over the bed and keep re-blinking her eyes. She turns around to see the clock. It's show 11am.

'Wow, I sleep so long. Maybe cause I'm tired. But why she called my name like this house already set on fire,' while raised her brows. She sighed and forced herself to get up from the warmth comfy king size bed.

She rubs her eyes using her back of hand and push the blanket away before get up from the bed. She makes sure tidy up the bed before go to downstairs. She walk through the stairs with the sleepy eyes without even bothers herself by fresh up. She walked carefully so she didn't hit the wall in her left side or something until she sees her mum. This is what will happen when you wake up your kids after a long travelling beside them just gets here at midnight around 1 am? Plus, Nithika still tired.

'What Mum?' She lazily walking down to the kitchen. She saw her mum wear a flower type apron and making the pancake for breakfast before she groans.

'Sweetie, well as you know I'm going to attend a fashion show here, right? ' Said Angelica as she look at Nithika with full desire. The way she says that word like that. Nithika already guesses her mum must have something important to say if she behaving like that.

'Did the model for the fashion was dead or something?' That cause her mum almost break down the plate that she was going to place on the table and give a death glare.

'Sorry, I'm just a little bit over' she apologized to her and helps her mum to place the plate on the table.

'Ijustneedyoutocomewithmetothefashionshowtonight' she told it quite fast so Nithika couldn't catch it.

'Mum, I didn't hear you. Talk it slowly, okay' said Nithika as she patted her mum's shoulder. She took a long breath before she answers her question. As in Nithika caught her with red handed.

'I just need you to go with me to the fashion show tonight' she said it while look at her nervously. Nithika eyes widen up so big like a bears eyes.

'Mum, I won't come' she pretend like she didn't hear what Nithika told her and go back to make the pancake.

'No...No....No...No way..' She keeps on said it while stand behind her in the kitchen.

Nithika didn't want to go the fashion show with her mum tonight. It's not because she hates to hang out with her. It's cause she didn't want to be the popular girl in the New York too. Being with her mum is just causing she became more famous. The more famous she going to be the more her past will haunt her life. Being the centre of attraction, famous, be popular and worship of every girl's dream but for Nithika it was nothing. As long people stand out of her life and didn't bother them self to make a show of her life. She is quite fine with it.

'Please! Please! Please!' She begged her after placed the last pancake on her plate but her eyes still connected to Nithika. Nithika still watches blankly without saying anything. This makes Nithika get angry and it's kind of hurt her. Last time, she checks Angelica begged someone to give her a job. Now, this. She can't take it anymore. She was about to open her mouth, but she was cut off by her mum.

'Okay, make a deal. You come along tonight to the fashion show and I will give everything that you want. New Car, new house, hand phone or whatever you ask' said Angelica angrily pull out the chair to sit down. Nithika didn't know what to say. She maybe now waits for the right time to burst out.

'Armada, stop it okay' she tapped the table harshly and took a long breath before she continues her talk. 'I'm not your husband, clients, or whatever thing you think about who you need to begging and give everything to make them listen to your words and to make them stay in your side forever. I'm your daughter. Okay' that word causes her mouth slightly open. Probably she just shocked to hear those words out from her sweet daughter, Nithika.

What shocked Nithika is Angelica starred her for a while ago before she gets up from the chair to wrap her arm and pulled Nithika into a hug. Only a hug can make Nithika cool down when she was angered and Angelica knew about it very well. Angelica hug her so tightly until Nithika having a breathing problem. She stops to hug her after knowing about Nithika cool down a little bit. Nithika still looks at her blankly while keep blinking her eyes.

'What???' Asked Angelica quickly.

'The magic words, Armada' said Nithika with a smile born in her face. Angelica know damn well what the magic words. What else, if it wasn't a I love you words?

'I love you, Nithika' said Angelica after pinch her arm slightly and cause Nithika crawls in pain. 'Ouch...What was that for?' Nithika rolled her eyes and rubs her arm up and down where her mum pinches it. Nithika stared at her angrily.

'That for almost gives me a heart attack. Go upstairs and fresh up. We are going to shop after taking breakfast. Besides you look so smelly' she saying that after smelled Nithika's t-shirt and make a disguised face.

'I'm not or did I?' Asked Nithika while smell grabbed the t-shirt and smell it. When she does that. She hears her mum laughs at her action and almost chocked. It's look like she just lies to Nithika, but she didn't look like care about it. As long Angelica happy then Nithika will be happy.

She went back to her room and grabs the towel which hangs in the wall near the cupboard. She took like a half an hour to come out of the shower. Well, she likes to sing along in the shower and kind of make her get bath a little bit late. Actually, so late. After finished bathing. She came out from the shower with the towel wrapped her body perfectly. She opens up the cupboard and debate to her mind that which dress she should wear now.

'This one or that one or those one' while keep sliding all the dress in the cupboard. She debate with her self.

At final, she picks up a white tank top with a yellow flower design jacket and jeans. Which look perfect and didn't show her skinny body too much. After did dress up. Her eyes suddenly laid on the window. When she feels like someone watching her through the window. As far as she remembered she didn't open the window last night or today after she wakes up. Then something popped to her mind maybe her mum opens it.

She feels nervous and scared a little bit. Her eyes lay on the window which is open up right now cause she feels the huge that someone has been watching her so long but when she turns back there was no one watching her. Is this her imagination or someone watching her just now? Well, who might be her neighbour? Who live in that room which is opposite of her room? Whoever stay in that room can see her room clearly without anything block it or that person can easily climb through the tree which connected to both of their room.

'Wait...Wait...Wait does it my neighbour he or she?' scream Nithika. She keeps on screaming until her mum shouts.

'What was the noise up there?' yelled her mum while making a coffee for both of them.

'Ahh...Forget it...It's not like I'm going to die in curiosity, right? Besides, my food is waiting downstairs' laugh Nithika while touching her stomach. Her stomach already makes noise and begged her to give some food to those tummy. She quickly gets down and pulls out the chair and sat down. They make prayers before start eating it. Nithika looks at the pancake on the plates in front of her hungrily before she starts to eat it.

Nithika can cook most tasty and delicious food without setting the kitchen on fire, but she didn't take interest on cooking course for her. Her mum was the best cook ever. After she eating her last pancake pieces. Her mum asked her to hurry up cause they might be late for the shopping mall. The time already shows 12pm and if Angelica is the one who asks Nithika out for shopping. She might spend 4 hours in the shopping mall to find a perfect dress, shoes, wallet and whatever the girls need to be looked beautiful.

It's all because she is a fashion designer. So Angelica have a good taste on pick up clothes, shoes and all. Don't ever underestimate the power of Angelica. She washed all the dishes they used.

'Nithika!!' shout Nithika's mum.

Her voice was to be understood clear and loud. Maybe a neighbour might be cursed her mum for making a noise in the neighbourhood. She rushed to her room to grab her phone and wallet. She walked fast to outside where her mum waited for her. Before someone comes out to scold her mum for making troubles.

'Mum, stops making me....' at the first, she was run to yell at her sweet little mummy for shout but something caught her eyes when Angelica moved her body a little from Nithika's site.

'Wow' that all come out of Nithika's mouth when she looks at that.

Well, she did not know what else to say. She feels happy, excited, most of all she feels like this world has granted her with a lot of happiness after a lot of problems she face all this time. She open and closed her mouth like a fish. Her mum stands in front of her while crossed her arm as she watched her.

'Seems like something caught your eyes' said her mum.

She just smiled and enjoys seeing Nithika. It's not every time she got time to see Nithika happy like this, right? Since 7 years ago, she guessed. Well, it's too long.Besides she didn't want to talk about it plus, she didn't want to spoilt her mood now. She already makes a promise to her mum, remember? Yup, don't let her past haunted her life anymore. That's what she wanting to do now.

'Mum, it's the new Aston Martin DB9. It's just in the marketing yesterday' Nithika said it with excitingly while jumped around the car.

She just can't believe it. This car in front of her right now and she touches it smoothly. Her mum is the best mummy in the world. She knew. She is behaving like a boy now. Boys love car, remember. No matter what type of car is come out in the market.

They will be the first place who knew it. A car like boys best friend like shopping is girl’s best friend.'s true, right? No one can deny it. Besides, boys also named their car as in girls name.'s so funny right? Hearing of that sometimes she end up rolling in the floor cause she can't hold the laugh sometimes. What people in this world who will name their car. Weird but sounds fun.

'You know I have my source. So, did you like that car?' When she asked Nithika with nervous.

She didn't know what to say. She turns around so she could see her mum eyes. Those eyes were looking at her with confused looks.Watch her with the eyes full of questions. So she gives her very big bear hug with hope she will catch Nithika's answer with this. She wrapped her arm around her waist and hug her tightly before pulled away so her mum could take breath. If Nithika didn't let her by now. She might be faint because of lack of oxygen.

'Now, I know how much you love it, right?' said Angelica with a smile on her face.

'Thanks Mum' as soon she said it to her.

She is looking for something in her hand bag and pulled out the car key. She opens her soft hand and placed the keys in it. She seems like look cheerful when saw that expression in Nithika's face. See as we all know. She is entirely different from other girls. Nithika didn't like shopping like other girls who just spend the time in a shopping mall all the day. For her is the car. She just loves the all thing about the car like boys.

'So, let's go for the shopping' they sound like a crazy mum and daughter but who cares.

There is no need to be worry that she going to crash the car or put her mum in the danger. Besides, she got a first class international driving license without makes any troubles in her driving school. This car also got GPS. It's do to make her easier to find the mall very fast. See, the GPS does give so much benefit so some people who moved to a strange country. GPS something called like maps. She took the keys with pleasure and gets in the car. After starting the car. she presses the klacth and releases the brake and changes gear.

'Where is the fashion show is going to be held?' as she asked, she put her seatbelt.

She placed her right hand in the steering while she uses another hand to exchange the gear. Well used 80km/h speed to drive in the highway. It's not too bad. Aren't it? She just checks her event's place through the letter that she receives 2 days ago which telling her to attend the fashion show today at 8pm.

'It's Bryant Park, but before that we need to do something to you' her eyes are wide up. It's cause she turns away from roadside and looks at her mum shockley. Her mum looks at her like she going to eat her alive with a smirked. She almost lost her control in driving cause she watched her mum for awhile.

'Mum, you didn't intend to kill me. Aren't you? I didn't want to die before I make that devil's life suffer,' there is a cracked voice when she said that evil. Who is that evil? What are Nithika try to hide no one knew about it. Maybe she realizes the pain which she can look through Nithika eyes even without telling her.

'I just need you to do some change about your clothes, hairstyle and make up. Get you to look like a real angel and make all the boys flirting you. That's all' said Angelica with completely giving me a big compliment from a smirked. Now it's look like a plan. Like an operation to turn a normal little girl as in Nithika to be a gorgeous angel. She didn't know whether she is the one participate in that fashion show or Nithika.

'Whatever you said mum but the flirting part please drop it. I hate boys. If someone tries to flirt me. I'm so going to kill you. mummy' Nithika blackmail her while making a U turn on the road. Finally, they arrive at Manhattan Mall, an indoor shopping mall in New York. City is located at 33rd street and Sixth Avenue. There are so many stores which called Aeropostale. Afaze, Call It Spring, GNC, Perfume Heaven and more.

She parked her new branded in the parking place which is now provided to all customers’ there. She closed the car by using the alarm. Yup, that car has a weird alarm. Which is singing Exo's Wolf song? See it's weird, right? She quickly followed her mum and gets inside the mall. They both entwined their finger each other to avoid being lost in that crowd. Yay, the shopping mall always looks cowardly. Doesn't it always like that

She is also curious why her mum never stops to surprise her each second and tried to turn all her nightmare's into a sweet dreams. Well, that's her mum. She is capable to turn all the bad thing which happens around her into the most beautiful things ever. That's why she is the mum and Nithika is her tiny baby daughter for her.

Sometimes she has been thinking....Did she do that for Nithika forget that devil or her past life? Did she never get tired to make Nithika happy all the time? Why she never hates her? After all, she has been suffering for a long time because of her...Because of what happen 7 years ago....Ahh...Who cares what was the reason is?

Besides it's only giving her headache whenever she thinking about it. She is happy to see her mum to remain happy, cool, sweet, caring like always since she born. Mummy is still be mummy. It's so hard to figure out them sometimes. Suddenly, she feels like someone dragged her to somewhere. Who else if it's not her mum?

First, her mum drag her to Aeropostale and then afaze, Call It Spring, GNC, Perfume Heaven and so much store. She makes her try all the things before decide to it. She did buy a lot of things like a dress, shoes, accessories and other girl stuff. They were spending more like 4 hours to shop there.

'Ahhh....No more shopping, mum. Please consider about my poor baby. It's already get hurt and refused to walk anymore' while pointing to her lovely leg.

It's already begin to get ache. Since what where they do all this 4 hours is walking here and walking there. If she walks another few more minutes. She might be can't attend the fashion show for today. It's sound nice but her mum would not let it happen, right? She lifts up her head after finish examine Nithika like want to know whether she lied or not.

She makes a puppy face which always works on her. Besides, her eyes turn red and almost tears up because she feels so painful. Her leg it's hurt her. Her mum says okay.They go home with hand full of bags. After she parked the car in front of their house. Her mum took little bags and gets inside the house while Nithika took a minute to lock the car. She grabbed the shopping bag and put it on the floor before her close the car bonnets back.

When she took back her shopping bags. She feels the huge that someone watching her. When she turns and sees around. No one is there. She mentally slapped her back of head and saying that it must be her imagination and went into the house. Nonetheless, there is someone watching. She can feel it right now.

'Ahh...I'm so tired' she stretches out her body because of the pain and lay down on the couch as she throws the shopping back next to her. Her mum just went back to the kitchen to look for something to drink for herself.

'What kind of mum she is? I'm starving here. She makes me shopping for 4 hours without letting me eat anything and now she is not going to prepare something to eat. Ahhh....' she said it likes a whisper so her mum won't hear it and mentally slap her head.

'Nithika...' she turns around when she called out like that and jumped out from the couch when she saw her mum was her behind her just now.

'I'm not going to starve you. You took a bath first and sleep. After I prepare something for both of us to eat when I wake up you, okay?' said her mum while opens up the fridge to find something that she could prepare to eat. After her close the fridge, she watches Nithika still there and watches the TV show.

'Now go take a bath and get some rest since your leg, still pain' said mum sternly before turn to open the refrigerator again to find grabbed something.

She walks up to the stairs like an old women. Her leg. It's hurt her a lot.. She was sure that she was going to take a risk if. If she didn't take a nap now. She twisted the door and gets inside her room. She throws up entire bags in the bed and jumped on the bed to lay down next to it.

'What kind of mum are you? Why I am the one that should be accompanying? Is not like I know them? They were your friends not mine' make sure she didn't say it loud now. She keeps blinking her eyes because of the tiredness.

'Hmm...Friends? Ahh...' she said while rubbing her hair.

'I'm actually didn't know what the meaning of that....It's all because of him. He makes my life suck' as she throws her phone in the wall. She groans and rolled over in the bed now. Her heart feels so hurt like someone stabbed her in the knife right exactly in her heart. Don't worry there was no use to Nithika tears up. The tears have been lost for many years. Besides there is no use for her to cry for someone who never deserve her tears and those who are deserving it will never let her cry.

Locked up herself in the room and cry alone like a stupid only will make people know that how wrecked she was inside. Why in the million people in the world God just has to test her like this? It's maybe cause she so special to him or did she ever makes a sin in the previous generation?

She sighed. Her mind hardly thinks now and her heart asked her to take a nap now. She refused to take a nap now so she just lay on the bed with her hand crossed behind her head. Suddenly, she heard some instruments sound from her neighbourhood. Look like someone going to sing? Is that a guitar sound?


Come guys sing with me


One two three go

Loving u, loving u, loving u r the hardest thing I ever done before’

Is he singing now? She thinks he does know how to play the guitar perfectly and sing a love song like that. Wow, it's so touche'. He really knows how to use that finger to create lovely tune like that? That....that was the best song that she ever heard. Now, she sounds like a creepy girl. A crazy fan. This boy is just so good in singing.

'Wait..Wait...wait....Is that a guy was singing here? What? Is there is a boy living there?' She almost screams.

It's like her brain going to explode in no time. Her neighbour is a guy not a girl!! She screams in her mind. If she makes a noise that guy might be seeing her...Oh my God....But the music somehow makes her mind feel relaxed. Since she can't walk because her leg hurt her like a hell. She just keeps listening to the song.

‘Loving u loving u x2

Sometimes I forget that u r the music in me

Make me stronger each second

I wish you could say I love you

What I should do, I just wanted to be our first and last

Loving u, loving u, loving u r the best thing I ever done’

It's do sounds like a lullaby song too. She didn't know how. Nonetheless, this guy surely something special. Her eyes slowly closed its own. She didn't remember anything until she drifts into sleep...


'Nithika! Nithika!' She feels someone shake her body and try to wake up with her.She sigh and turns around to see the time. It shows 5pm. She jerked away her mum's hand from her shoulder and tries to get up from the bed. Did she sleep? How? She barely having sleeping problems in the evening. She was thinking about it while stretching her back of head.

'Sweetie, the food is ready' her mum looks at her with her eyes brow raised. It's cause she chuckled. Before she asks her what. She already starts to laugh. It's took a minute to cool.

'Nithika, you barely having a sleeping problem in the evening, but how did you manage to put yourself sleep. Unless.....' She started in with crossed her arm. Now she confused her. Well, no one knows how to put her sleep in the evening. Let's repeat again no one. Not even her own mum.

'Unless, what mum?' She just curious on what she going to say now. She keeps looking at her without broke their eyes contact. Unless, what? It's not like she knows how to put Nithika sleep in the evening. Well, her mum tried multiple times, but she failed always. Did she already know any of these method? But how? From whom?

'Unless, someone sings a song for real not in radio, television or whatever source it is' with a smirked on her.

She gives her evil smile like she wants to say that she managed to find out that thing after a long time. Song? Someone sings? Then something popped in her mind and causes her mentally slap her forehead.

'Yes, it is. The guy....the guy who lives next door sings a song using a guitar. As he sings my eyes start to shut down,' she answered her question without any doubt. Her mum just watches her as rolled her eyes.

'But how did you find out? You never know how to put me into sleep in the evening all this time,' she asked without making it sound weird. Mum now turn her body so she could face me when she speaks.

'Well, I happened to your mum. Of course, I knew it. You used to fall asleep in the evening in Jasper's shoulder when he sings just for you' There is a point on what mum said it now. So, that's how she thought he was. Nithika looks at her with her eyes brow raised. She was trying to get up from the bed and head toward the window.

'So, you find out from Jazz' Nithika smirked at her mum as she feels satisfied on her mum's answer. Now Nithika caught her mum with red handed.

'That....that's....' Her mum try hardly to answer it back which she can't do. There is only fear in her voice. She was trying to avoid eyes contact.

'Okay, no need to answer it' she walked straight to her mum where she stands now. Her mum laid her body in the wall near the door with her hand behind her waist. She gives a hug to cool her down.

'Thanks to mum. Come on we eat together' with that she walks with her mum to downstairs

It's only took 30 minutes for take a bath and go to eat. After eating. She watches a movie while her mum called someone. She sat on the couch next to Nithika. Seems like her mum talk to one of her office staff. Yup, since her mum moved all her office to here too. Mum also has a branch in New York too. They are not that rich until qualified as a top ten multimillion but her mum's company quite famous actually since her mum was one of the famous fashion designer.

She enjoyed herself while stretch out her leg on the couch. By watching high school musical movie until her mum asked her to take a bath and get ready. She sighed and forces herself to get off from the couch. She runs into the room and grabbed the towel forcedly.

She took more like 30 minutes to bath. As she finished her shower. She quickly wrapped the towel around her body to hide. Even though she just wears the towel. She just looks so beautiful no matter whatever she wears.

She went to mirror desk and start dry up her wet using her hair dryer. After finished dry up her wavy blonde hair. She took the shopping bag which still placed on her bed. She unwrapped the towel and decides to wear the dress which her mum buy after making her trying like a 50 dresses.

Don't worry she wears the clothes inside this time. Crazy but much afforded. The dress looks a line one shoulder sleeveless floor length, elastic silk like satin evening dresses with crystal rhinestone and split front 1 large. Sky blue dress which got a crystal diamond her left side shoulder and around her waist which fit her waist perfectly.

After dressing up, she stands in front of the mirror. She put her both hands on the waist and moves her body and right sight to see whether it's look perfect or not. Fortunately, that dress looks fit and wrapped her waist perfectly.

That dress is made by the famous designer in the world. Actually, she didn't know their name. The only thing she knows the dress made by a famous designer. Someone banged the door with forced. Luckily, the door didn't break down. Who else if not her mum.

'Why you taking.....' Her voice just stop when her eyes lay on her and the dress and began to roll her eyes up and down. She smiled genuinely when realized Nithika caught her eyes were looking at her.

'Mum, what happen? Did someone catch your tongue?' Nithika teases her while showing her tongue to her mum.

'Nithika, you look so gorgeous' praise her mum after kiss Nithika on her cheek which causes her smile stupidly.

'Say something that I didn't know, mum. Look who is my mum. Like mum like daughter,' she said it with pretty confident while making pose in front of the mirror for the last time before her mum dragged Nithika to her room.

She makes Nithika sit on the end of the bed before she left Nithika to find something on the drawer next to her bed. Finally, she took a box from the drawer. What else, if not a makes up box. Nithika did look beautiful naturally, but she wants to put make up on it. She applies few of make-up. She uses eye liner, mascara, blusher and puts me some lipstick to making her look pretty. She also did her hair. She rebounds her hair so it's looking pretty well with this dress. Her mum is truly a fairy godmother.

For the final touch to Nithika run back to her room and wear her heart shape necklace in her neck which writes on her name on it 'Angel' and to put the bracelet on her left wrist which writes 'N.A.C' on it cause she wears a golden type of watch in the right hand. She prefers to wear the watch in her right hand then left hand. As she grabbed the wallet and the car keys she closes the door behind her to get into the car.

She put the seatbelt and begins the engine. Ready to go. It's took half an hour to arrive there. After arriving in, Nithika having a difficult to park the car. Luckily, there was a place for parking near the Bryant Park where the fashion show has been held in another 30 minutes. As soon they get into the place there were so many people’s is there like reporters, photographer, entrepreneurs’, models and a lot of typical peoples which she hate. They crossed all of them and went to the back of the stage since all the model and get ready to show up for another 20 minutes.

Angelica help all her models to get ready while Nithika excuses herself causes she feels uncomfortable to stay there. Well, there is model. Being inside near them or her mum will only make a lot of gossips. So she prefers to stay outside and look around the place than stay in the back of the stage.

When stepped out from the back of the stage. Then she heard the hostess start to give her speech. She walked slowly but makes sure she walks confidently. She avoids herself hit by anyone.

'Good Night, Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome back to New York Fashion Show for 2013. I am Jennifer Lopez the host from tonight event. There were 20 fashion designers who are a competitor tonight and here we have 4 judges. Mr. George Francisco from France, Mrs. Suzanne Lauren from America, Mrs. Sandra Martin from Switzerland and Mr. Yukomato from Tokyo' said the hot and sweet lady Ms. Jennifer. Her voices are so bold and sharp to hear out. Nithika stands in front of the stage where Ms. Jennifer giving a speech now. She watches her without even blinking her eyes.

'We are here to choose the best fashion designer whom makes a perfect design this year base on this year’s theme ''The Guardian Angel''. Now let's we begin the show with Mrs. Erica Watson dressing models' said Ms. Jennifer the host for tonight.

As the show are beginning and the model start to show up the dress. Oh in Nithika's language make a pose turn the left side and right side. Make a cat walk. She kind of hate it. So she sigh and walked out of the place. Since a lot of people blocking her way. She is having a problem to walk away from there. The photographer is standing on her left side while captured the models picture non-stop.

'Bullshit.....' she said under her breath.

She manages to get out from that crowded place after the photographer moved a little bit and left her side before the next designer dressing models starts to walk out on the stage. As she walked out of there. Someone bumped into her. 'What the hell' Nithika yelled before that person quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and pushes her up from Nithika hit the floor. She cursed under her breath and look up to see. It was a guy who helped her.

That guy keeps holding her without releasing his hold. Nithika is shocked at that guy’s action just now. He keeps staring at her without broke his eyes contact. She manages to stand pushes him away from her and leave the guy looks at her blankly.

This guy looks around her age and his face look like he was a half British half Korean. His eyes were the amazing part in his face of course. He is under a sky blue eyes. His height about 6 feet. He got muscle and six pack body. Look like he used to go to the gym. Nice body. Look sexy too. He has a black hair with a little style. He wore a suit and pants. Formal dress. Like a gentleman.

Wow, a lot of information. Even though Nithika just meet him in this kind of situation. Well, Nithika hates boys pretty well. Can't imagine what's going to happen to this guy. Poor guy.

'Are you crazy or blind?' She stops a moment to think.

That guy tried to speak up, but nothing has come out of his mouth. He looks at Nithika quietly like he admiring her beauty. Since he stared at her. Nithika starts to yell again.

'Hoops....sorry....' While put her hand in her mouth.

'I forgot that you watching over that stupid girl on stage while you are walking around. Next time, took a seat somewhere and watch it boy. So, you will not bump into anyone like this. Understand?' she hit his chest. She being rude to the guy who help her like before. Why she can't talk properly to him? Nithika! Nithika! She didn't even say thank you insist on that she yelling at him. She tries to hit him again, but he grabbed her hand back.

'Enjoy hitting me, babe?' Said that guy smirked. An evil smile born up in his face. Those word cause her took one step back from that guy. That guy examines her eyes coldly. She didn't know what to say. So she decides to walk away from him. She stops her by put his hand on her shoulder because somehow he finds out Nithika going to walk away from him.

'What the hell is your problem?' while throw away his hand from her shoulder angrily.

'Don't you dare to touch me?' she yelled pointed her finger to him. Well, no one looks at them since the show is much interesting than their fights. That guy boiled in anger because he thought Nithika talked too much.

'Stop it okay. First of all, you bumped into me. Second you didn't say thank you but suddenly burst out your anger on me. What is wrong with you?' asked that guy confusedly and took a step forward to move closer. He looks into her eyes to see whether she feels guilty for what she has done or not. He finds nothing other than eyes that boiled in anger.

'Now you ask what the hell your problem is?' shout that guy while took another step back. Each step he took forward she took back. Suddenly, someone casually slung an arm over his shoulder. 'What the hel-' he was cut off by his friend. 'Hey, dude. What's going on?' asked that guy before his focused lay on Nithika.

That guy looks around the same age as Nithika. Five and half feet height. Green lantern colour eyes. He didn't have a six packs like that half Korean guy but only five pack. His smile was cute. Nithika admits it. Plus, he wears a black suit and black pants which look quite interesting. Black colour hairs. A British guy or should we call him as the New York city boy.

'Relax, dude. She didn't do it on purpose maybe she just hates this show or you just get ruined her moment here?' tease that British guy while looks at Nithika like she is a piece of meat. The proper word is he just checking her out. 'Huh' asked that half Korean guy to his friend.

'Where did you pick this girl, dude? She is so hot' said his British guy whispering to that half Korean guy in his ear. Cause both of them watch that British guy weirdly. He watches his friend checking her out.

'Dude, stop checking her out. She is not a piece of meat that you can eat' half Korean guy slap his friend's head which cause him crawl in pain. It's also cause Nithika smiled.

'Oh dude, she smiled' said that half Korean guy's friend while rubbing his head. He lends her hand and tries to talk to Nithika.

'B-by the way, I-I am-' before that British guy finished shuttering Nithika walked past them without wanting to listen to any of his words. Make that British guy look at his friend with pity. 'Glad to see you, sir' tease that half Korean guy while took his friend's hand to shake it.

'What's happening here?' asked that British guy confusedly. He scans his friend's eyes before talk. 'She avoiding us of course,' said the half Korean guy while put his hand shoulder to make him cool down. 'N-No...No that's never happen. I never see any girl who avoids me and especially you, dude. She must be something' said that British while scratch his back of head.

'Dude, that's why I scold her... She bumped into me a moment ago and now she completely just walk away without simply say a thank you' said that half Korean guy angrily kick the seat in front of him. That British guy just stops the waiter and took a glass of wine. He gives it to him. That guy sees his friend weirdly.

'Here, drink it' said that British guy while give the glass to him which he took it. Both of them stand there still keep on chit-chat each other while look at the event.

'Dude, are you sure she didn't come from "Hate the boys" planet?' It causes that half Korean guy split out his drink on British guy's suit.

'Shit, you ruined my new suit' now the British guy cry like a baby and wiped out the drink uses a tissue. But something caught the half Korea guy. In the floor. There was a girl's bracelet on the floor where they is standing now.

'Every girl fall for our charm and girl loves us, remember? But she....She is so different' his friend said to him while all that half Korea guy's focus on the bracelet. He bent down and pick up the bracelet carefully without any scratches.

'Dude, what was that? I didn't know you wear lady's bracelet' tease that British guy after looking his friend picks up a girl's bracelet in the floor. His friend sends him a death glare to the British guy.

'This bracelet just dropped when I grabbed her hand' said the half Korean guy while look at the bracelet.

'I guess, maybe' his friend agreed with the half Korea guy. 'See there is a named on it. Angel' said that half Korea guy. They smiled together while took a sip of wine. The half Korea guy keeps the bracelet in his front of the suit and took another glass of wine. First he want to return the bracelet to him but since Nithika behave like that to him. He forget the intention to return it back to her.

Nithika is searching for her mum after she left that stupid guys. She keeps on walking until someone grabbed her hand pulled her towards them. She just about to hit them, but she keeps her hand back after knowing that it's was her mum who grabbed her hand. She thought it was those stupid guys again.

'Sweetie, where did you go? I thought you left me' worried Angelica. Nithika casually put her hand around her mum's shoulder.

'I'm just going to look around this place. Mum' explain Nithika. Angelica says okay. The show is done and the judges also already made their decisions. 'Now, this is the moment that we all waiting for' its look like she holding a card which writes up the winner's name for tonight.

'In my hand I have the card which writes up the winner's name. Should I open it???' asked Ms.Jennifer.

She opens the envelope when the majorities ask her to open it up. Everyone going to die in suspension before she opens the envelope. Angelica feels so nervous about this show. Nithika hug her mum and put her chin in Angelica's shoulder.

'Don't worry. You will win. I know' she convinces her mum. 'What if I don't' Angelica said like she lost her confident. See Nithika trust on her mum's abilities, but it just her mum didn't trust herself.

'If you the winner for tonight? You just have to cook all my favourite food tonight without any arguments, mum. Is that okay?' asked Nithika with a smile.

She knows that she going to win that bet because Nithika never failed on anything since she born. Her word is her life. What she told that's what will happen next. Like she is a God's favourite child or little angel. Everyone's heartbeat rose up Nithika can hear it clearly. She made a deal with Nithika. Poor Angelica she going to lose.

'The winner for The New York City 2013's Fashion Show is....' Even though she didn't believe what Nithika said just but somehow she feels scare. If what Nithika say has become true, then she has to cook all her favourite food tonight. It will be so much work and she going to die because of that.

'Mrs. Angelica Armada Cedrickson!!’

Announce Ms. Jennifer. Angelica is completely shocked and stands up beside Nithika like a Barbie doll without moving at all. Nithika shakes her body and asks her mum to go to the stage. Angelica keeps blinking her eyes multiple times to make sure what she hears was true not a prank.

'Mrs. Angelica Armada Cedrickson, please come on to the stage' Ms. Jennifer called her with pleasure. Angelica took the prize from the judges and took the microphone to thank you all.

'Thank you for choosing me. I am glad that my design has been selected this year. Thank for the judges and all of you. Thank you so much for all my staff and without their hard work and everyone that supports I wouldn't be at this stage and also my lovely baby, Nithika. This is for you, sweetie' she pointed to Nithika and shows the winning cup up in the sky.

Since the theme of the fashion show was the Guardian Angel so the winning cup has been made like it. There was some word from the audiences and guest there. 'Ohhhh.....' 'That was her daughter' 'She looks so gorgeous' 'Aren't she is just 16 years old?' After that she walked down from the stage and goes to get Nithika. Nithika get angry as soon all their attention goes to Nithika. All the photographer, reporter, journalist, all kinds of social media's surroundings around them now. They took a picture of her while half of them keep on asking for Nithika unreasonable question non-stop.

'No comments' both of them leave that place after Angelica said it. She saw Nithika burst out in anger and kicks the car's tires. She also hears Nithika mumbled something. It's cause the car's alarm on and keep sing the Exo's Wolf song. She is the one who hates publicity and attention. Nithika is the girl who likes to be famous just because who she was not because she is the famous designer's the only child. She is not the one who likes to be in the centre of attention. Nithika turns around as soon she feels someone put their arm around her waist.

'I am sorry, sweetie. I am so sorry. I shouldn't ask you to come here' she keeps asking sorry to Nithika. Her mum's face almost tears up.

'Mum, you know that I didn't like all of this. I am only wanted to be who I am. You know why I am always didn't have any friends in the school. They want to be friend with me because of ......' She looks at her mum's eyes. She saw the uncomfortable feeling in her mum's face.

'They like because of my intelligent not for who I am. I want a true friends, mum. Whom didn't judge me for what I do? You know what. every time I make friends they will try to dig my past. Most of them will ask about that devil' she keeps explaining everything that she has been kept inside her heart all this year, but she didn't cry. She is a strong girl isn’t she? She consoles her daughter and hug her. Since that's the only way to let her cool down.

'Everything will be all right. Trust me and come on we go house' said Angelica while get inside the car and set the seat belt. She has fun with her mum for a moment. She just wonders why Nithika laugh at her like a crazy girl. She looks at her eyes to find the reason but nothing is showing up. Nithika tries to hold her laugh, but she can't.

'What?' asked Angelica confusedly.

'Your faces are priceless when they announce your name, mum' laugh Nithika. Nithika and Angelica don’t look like a mum and daughter besides they look like a best friend.

'Chill, sweetie. I am just shocked' she was trying to change the topic but both of them know that she never aspect she will be the winner for tonight event.

'Yayaya....You keep saying that. Probably I will believe you' said Nithika while started the car engine and put the seat belt. She pulls the brake and hit the klac. She starts to drive.

'You promise me to cook for tonight remember,' said Nithika while looking at her. She is looking for her answer which was never came out.

'Don't say that you don't feel like to cook now' tease Nithika.

'Can I cook tomorrow? I am just tired today' she asked Nithika. She replaces the gear and makes a U turn in the road.

'You need to know that everything I said it will happen. Why you never take it seriously,' said Nithika focus her eyes on the road.

'I knew I thought you will say wrongly this time' answered Angelica with a smile. She heard her gasp.

'Okay but today we just order pizza or something to eat. I am tired and I want to sleep early. It's already 12am' she argues with her. She just looks her mum and not to everything that she said.

Angelica orders a Hawaii chicken pizza as soon they get to the house. She went straight to her room and gets changed. Nithika lay down in the couch lazily after getting changed into night dress.

It’s all because Nithika is the only child that she has. She was spoiled too much by Angelica until Nithika treat her mum as her best friend. Just as all of you know she didn’t have any friends. She thought people only make friends with her just because she is the daughter of Mrs. Angelica Armada Cedrickson. For popularity and for digging her past.

She hates that popularity, famous and all kinds of attention they were giving to them until she doesn’t have time for herself. So she decides to be herself without any kind of attention, media and all in her new place and her new school now. That’s why she walked away from the photographer took her picture.

Being a popular girl, famous is one of every girls dream but for her it’s just a normal thing because she is the one who popular since she was born in London because of her mum.

Angelica like the way Nithika treat her like she is the only one who she loves in this world. Any mum would be lucky to have Nithika as their child.

After 15 minutes later,

'Hey baby! You had a visitor' sang the alarm.

Yup, it's a weird alarm.

'Sweetie, go get the door. Maybe that is the pizza delivery guy' said Angelica while making an orange juice for they drink because drink a cup of coffee would not help us to sleep well as the night. It will make you keep awake until morning and finally you will end up with a headache. So it's better drink a juice or milk at night than a cup of coffee.

'Yes, mum' said Nithika while drag her body lazily from the couch and went straight to open the door.

'Good night Miss. This is the pizza that you order' said that the pizza delivery guy with a smirked.

He sounds like a French guy who looks like around her age too. He has cute green colours of eyes as well. He's not only smirked to her, but he keeps checking her full body with hand over the pizza box to her.

'Hello,' she snapped her out of his mind whom checking her out like she kind of models.

'Done with your x-ray thing,' she said while look at his eyes without any scare. He scratches his head looks at her shyly. Nithika heard her mum laugh in the kitchen after heard what she said earlier.

'Good...You can place the pizza on that table. I will go get the money now' Nithika walked to her bedroom and go get her purse. As she gets down, she saw that the pizza delivery guy roaming in her house and talk with her mum while drinks the juice.

'Excuse me. It's my juice' he suddenly jumped from the couch and asks sorry.

'So, how much is that pizza?' asked Nithika while open the door.

'It's already paid' said that pizza delivery guy. Both of them looked straight at him shocked.

‘What you mean?' asked Nithika casually. He now opens mouth to talk without any fears.

'Someone is already paid for it after you guys order' said that guy casually get close to Nithika. Who is that guy? Why he must be paid for their food? There were just so many things running out in her mind.

'Who is he?' This time is Nithika's mum asked it. She wants to find out who that guy dares to pay for their food.

'If not for my mistake it's Mr. Darren......Mr. Darby.....' He tried to remember who that guy name is while rub his head but Nithika know who is that guy. Who will be that guy if not him?

'Darmian??' asked Nithika angrily while crossed her arm.

'Yes...Yes....that's his name' said that pizza delivery guy happy.

'I didn't need anyone to pay for whatever food that we are eating. Now take this money' said Nithika while giving him 150 bucks for the pizza. He refused to take it, but she forcedly gives him take money.

'If you really respect me then take that money. Okay...' He seems like didn't say anything against her speech so she smiles at him.

'Thank you' said that guy while smiles at her back.

She went first to her room without touching that food. They heard her shouting in her room alone in anger. That guy still looks at Angelica shockley after Nithika left him without any reasonable answer.

'Sorry about my daughter. She is not in a good mood and thanks you for the delivery' said Angelica while give him faked smile. After he left, she rushes to her room to convince Nithika to eat some food but she already slept. Angelica put a blanket around her body and placed a kiss on her forehead.

'Good night, sweetie. Sweet dreams' she whispered to her ears. She heard something went her just to close the door before.

'I hate you, Darmy' said Nithika while changing her sleep posture and pulled up the blanket up to her chest.

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