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Yoon Jieun's life completely changed 360 degree after she met Kwon Hyunbin. She is in doubt whether she is Kwon Hyunbin's or otherwise. Shocking truth makes Yoon Jieun feel the burden on balancing her carrier as a doctor and her love story with a heir.
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            “Has anyone called the ambulance?!” I screamed out of my lungs as the crowd keep getting noisier each time. Well, maybe except for people that were making call to the ambulance, or whatever they are doing with their smart phone.

            Five minutes ago, a young man suddenly passed out in the middle of the pavement out in the scorching sun. Of course, there was a crowd surrounding the man yet, I think no one did called the ambulance, maybe someone did? Let’s think positively.

             “How long has he been like this?” I asked the crowds yet the respond were unfortunate. All I can hear was the whispering and muttering among them.

             “It’s been almost 10 minutes!” I heard someone yelled among the crowds. Someone finally answered me, thank God!

             I hurriedly pulled out my stethoscope that I usually carry around. After checking the man’s heartbeat, I felt something weird about him. His heartbeat was slow,yet stable. I asked the crowds whether they know this stranger or not.Unfortunately, they didn’t know.

            Why you want to know about this stranger, you might ask? It’s because I’m hooked to the beautiful stranger and it feels surreal.


            The ambulance finally arrived.

            When the ambulance helpers put the man onto the stretcher, I briefed them about the situation and they asked me if I can come along, so I said yes.

            In the ambulance, I asked them to send this man to Yonsei University Hospital since I’m working there and it’s almost the time for my shift. They immediately agree since the hospital is not that far.

           Upon arriving to the emergency center, few nurses escorted us to into the examination room. After the helpers briefed the nurse about the situation, I went to another side of the room which has the lockers for the staff.


            As I make my way to the counter, one nurse came to me and hand in the chart of the beautiful stranger earlier. When I opened the chart, I was dumbfounded.

            “Does he starve himself for a year or what? Lack of iodine, malnutrition and dehydration. Wah, this is crazy! This guy has to stay here at least a month time!” the nurse that hand in the chart also agree with me.

            “But doc... that man is somewhat familiar, isn’t he? Or am I just hallucinating...because he is so hot!” She’s jumping up and down when I rolled my eyes in annoyance of course.

            “Have you informed his guardian?” I asked and her reaction changed 180º. “Go and do your work.” I ordered her and she willingly answered me. Thus, she goes back to her post and continued her work.

            Deep down in my head, I also thought the same as Nurse Gain. That stranger really looks familiar, but where I’ve seen him..?


            It’s time to do the round check.

            I started off with the patient that comes yesterday. She got into an accident which left her with a broken rib cage and femur. Leena, the patient, is much younger than my brother and still in the ICU. I’m hoping for a good result when she meets the orthopedics team later.

            As I was left in the deep thought, I suddenly stopped before the presidential suite at the top floor of the hospital. I’m also wondering how I got here.

            I knocked on the single door on the floor as quiet as possible. “Come in, Doctor Yoon.” I heard the chairman’s voice asking me to get in.

            “Chairman~”I came near to him and check the hand-chart on the table.

            “How are you feeling today, chairman? Are you excited to go home?” I asked with a smile on my face, yet there’s a wrinkles on chairman’s forehead.

            “I’m not excited, but worried instead.” Kwon Chairman’s expression turns darker.

            “Is something wrong with the company?” I asked as it concerns me.

            “My son got hospitalized.” With concern, I came neared him and give him a pat on his back.

            “It’s okay, chairman. I’m very, really, super confident and believe that your son did a very good job handling the company throughout your absent at the company.” I said and noticed the clock’s reading on the wall. Oh no, I’m late.

            “Oh my, chairman. I have to go now. When I came back later, I’ll help you with the discharge procedures, okay? Have a good day, Kwon Chairman!” I said hurriedly as I’m late for the meeting.

            “It’s okay, Doctor Yoon. Later on, when my son has discharged, I’ll set a meet-up for you with him. Don’t you worry about his appearance because he is super duper good-looking.” He said with a smile upon his wrinkly mouth.

            “You make me anticipate, chairman!For sure I’ll go to the meet-up! I’ll go now, chairman!” I said and then I left the room. Once I’m out from the room, I dashed to the meeting room and the meeting starts.


           The meeting was finally over and it drains all of my energy. As I make my way to the toilet, I heard a commotion in the emergency department.

            Reporters,cameras and flashlight blind me. I was unable to comprehend the situation until one of the reporters rushed to me.

            “Here’s the one!” That one reporter shouts and the others followed with their cameras and flashlights. I felt a little bit dizzy from all the lights.

            “How was Director Kwon?” “Do you know who you saved today?” “How is Director Kwon’s health status?” “Is Director Kwon doing well?” The questions followed by another. I was dumbfounded and frozen upon the question that was thrown to me.

            Who is Director Kwon? Is it Kwon Hyunbin?! OH MY GAWD![insert Samuel’s GIF]

            The world suddenly started to spin... and my head spinning along. Until then, I don’t know what has happened because I blacked out.


            I woke up in despair as I found myself lying on the hospital bed with messy hairstyles.

            The curtain that surrounded me suddenly pushed to one side. Dr. Lee, my best friend came to me. I blankly stared at him.

            “You’re going to an operation?” I asked to him as he took a sit on a chair next to me.

            “Yeah I’m going to Dr. Shin’s as her assistant. That woman keeps bothering me and I hate it.” Lee Seokmin put on annoyed face.

            “Yah!If she hears you, you’re dead man. I thought you don’t like her, but why you become her assistant?”

            Instead of answering me, he shrugged his shoulder, completely ignoring my question.

            “Jieun-ah,I heard rumour that something was going on between you and that Kwon Hyunbin,is it true?” Seokmin abruptly asked.

            “I don’t know anything! All I did was I saved him, then the reporters came and ask me the same question. I don’t even know who he was until that one reporter asked me “how was Director Kwon’s health status?” I swear that I’m freaking out until I blacked out!” Seokmin suddenly clapped his hands with expressionless face. I don’t know if he was amazed by my story or his hands just automatically clapped, knowing how beagle he can be.

            Silent creeps in.

            “I’m going. When you have free time soon, try searched up for Kwon Hyunbin. See ya.”Seokmin just flew away like Naruto. I face-palm myself, when will Lee Seokmin grows up?!


            I lay on the bed. Looking up to the ceilings, I started to wonder... how the reporters knew that it was me who saved Kwon Hyunbin? Remembered about what Seokmin said earlier, I grabbed my phone on the side table.

           Kwon Hyunbin

           I typed on the search bar at the home screen. Few seconds after, I definitely and unshakeably believe that my eyes were about to pop out from their sockets.

         There are tons of his pictures on Never. Taken by professional photographer, in a studio I think.

         I scrolled upward, only to found a whole bunch of articles about the beautiful stranger that I have fallen for.


WAVE’s director and top model, Kwon Hyunbin fellsick? – Top News

Kwon Hyunbin has a secret lover? Who is this lucky lady?  – Despatch   

Top model, Kwon Hyunbin’s biological father is Chairman Kwon of Redline Entertainment?! – TV news


         What the freaking cow!?“A top model, a director and a heir to Redline?!” I am seriously shocked. This is a very seriously big catch!

         “Wait a minute... if Redline Entertainment belongs to Chairman Kwon that I knew...that mean that Kwon Hyunbin is Chairman’s son!?” Just what kind of destiny is this!?


         Nurse Gain suddenly popped between the slightly apart curtains. She pushed the curtain apart. She surprised me, and I jumped on my bed, shocked.

         “Doc,are you feeling better now?” Nurse Gain asked as she neared me. I answered her with a nod and continue scrolling the news.

         “Someone wants to meet you.” I looked up at her. “Me?” I asked while pointing my forefinger toward myself.

         Nurse Gain nodded and a creepy smile crept on her lips. It really makes me scared sometime when she does smile like that.


         I walked to the personal ward with a heavy heart. Without knowing the reasons, my heart felt like it wanted to pop out from the rib cage and left my body alone without the soul.

         I gulped as I stand before the door that will change my entire existence.

         “Doctor Yoon Jieun, you have to be brave and face the reality. Take a deep breath and huuu~” I calmed myself before going inside.

        Once I’m inside the room, after few knocks, I really believe that my soul have left my body.

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