A Day in Hyderabad
A Day in Hyderabad
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A story about responsibilty, love and chivalry duirng the British Raj in India
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Thewind blew strongly. Out at sea, the Sahibzada Mir Abdul Karim Bahadur Khan, theheir to the Nizamate of Hyderabad, was keen to complete his voyage to the Stateof Johor. Being the Sahibzada Mir. He was destined to succeed his father as thenext Nizam of Hyderabad. Diplomatic relations was compulsory in order to securenational interests in spite of Hyderabad being the wealthiest princely state inthe British Raj in India.

            “Here I am, the State of Johor” hesaid as he arrived at the port at Tanjung Puteri. “Welcome sir, His Highnessthe sultan is awaiting you at the Istana Besar” Said Encik Dalib. Driven In ahorse-drawn carriage through the streets of Tanjung Puteri sparked the prince’smind about the traditional ways of the people there and a transition of culturefrom conservative to a more liberal yet very concerned-about-culture kind ofcommunity.

            As the carriage stopped in front ofIstana Besar, The prince stood in awe. The palace staircase gave him anastonishing first impression about the wealth of Johor and Its Ruler. He sawthe Anglo-Malay influence in both the outer architecture and the interiordesign. “Announcing the arrival of the Sahibzada Mir Abdul Karim Bahadur Khanof Hyderabad” Announced the chamberlain of the palace upon the arrival of theprince. “It is an honour to meet a great ruler in such a magnificent state” TheSahibzada praised the Sultan. Both of them held talks and discussions about thefuture trades between Hyderabad and Johor.

            “How about the gambier and tobacco?I heard they are the best in the world” He said and answered with a politelaugh by the Sultan and the Sahibzada. He intended bilateral trades with Johorregarding its commodity in many things especially high quality agriculturalproducts. After that the prince was given a royal lodging at the palace for anight.

            The next morning the Sahibzada wasdeemed to depart for India. He bid farewell to the Sultan and was driven backto the port where he arrived previously. In the midst of his journey suddenly ayoung Malay girl was seen by him by the roadside, begging for food. He asked tostop the carriage at once. He came down from the carriage and gave some moneyto the girl. The stared him for a moment and kiss his hand. She ran as fast aslightning barefoot to her village without knowing the man who gave her themoney. The prince watched sadly as the girl ran. At that moment, his mindsparked regarding life beyond the palace gates. “I wouldn’t know such acritical matter if I had not step out of the palace” He said to his assistantMalik Anwar. He concluded that Johor and Hyderabad did not differ muchregarding the community, there was still poor people and it is his duty as aprince to help the people. The Sahibzada planted seeds of ambition in becomingthe people’s prince of his homeland.

            After securing trades with Johor,the state revenues sky-rocketed. With enough funding from the government, hecould now execute his ambitious plan. The Sahibzada went for a tour around theNizamate in order to distribute household goods to the people. He was the solerepresentative of the ruling House of Asaf Jah for this programme. At first,noble families were reluctant to send representatives as they thought that theevent will eventually break their standards among the community. During thestate council meeting, they agreed to participate in the tour when they knewthe Sahibzada was involved directly in it.

            A few days later the tour started,first in Mahbubnagar. People were joyed to see government lorries carryingsupplies. The prince personally distributed the supplies allocated for thepeople. “Ammi, Ammi. Quickly come here. I have saved a spot for you” A youngboy called his mother during a queuing at the distribution. The greatest thingin the prince’s mind was when he saw the people’s smile as necessities weregiven to them. While distributing, the Sahibzada was helped by Shahida,daughter of Mohammed Khan, member of the state council.

“Line up, there is enough foreveryone” said an attendant. The prince was happy enough in Mahbubnagar to seethe burden of the people being eased a little bit.

Throughout the tour the aroundHyderabad, the prince’s heart seemed to grow fond of Shahida. The relationshipbetween them flustered and flourished as flowers bloom during spring time. “Shahidawouldn’t it be great if you can be with me until my last breath” the Sahibzadaproposed Shahida. A moment of silence appeared. Shahida, in her mind, did noteven cross to marry the prince yet but she was in love with the Sahibzada inreality. “Will you marry me” He said. “Marry? Let us ask my father first, YourHighness” She replied. “Is that a yes?” The prince asked. “Did you consider itotherwise?” she asked.

Back at Chowmahalla Palace, the princeconveyed his wishes to the Nizam and the Begum Consort. “Father, Mother, Ithink I am ready to get married” The prince said. “That is splendid my son”Replied the Begum. “And who would that fortunate girl be?” The Nizaminterrupted. “The daughter of Mohammed Khan, your financial adviser” Hereplied. “Then tell me about her” The Nizam said. “Well, she is a nice girl,very sincere. We met during my tour around Hyderabad” The Sahibzada replied.“That is fine with me. Arrange an audience with me tomorrow” Ordered the Nizam.A sense of ecstasy emitted in the prince’s heart.

The next day, a letter came to theKhan’s residence asking the family to meet the Nizam at Chowmahalla Palace.“Why did the Nizam asked our family an audience with him? Usually it is me whois called to meet His Highness not the family. This is out of the ordinary”Khan said curiously. Shahida already predicted of this before “Baba, actuallythe Sahibzada Mir Abdul Karim proposed to me a few days ago during the tour”The family was left in a shock. “Why did not you tell me earlier?” Khan askedconfusingly. A moment of confusion surrounded the family. “Let us go. HisHighness abhors unpunctuality” Khan said. They rushed to the palace to meet theNizam.

At Chowmahalla the Nizam asked Khan“Adviser Khan, are you shocked by this news?” “Yes, a little bit. I meantotally shocked Your Highness” The Nizam laughed and said “I have expectedevery second that is happening right now from the moment the letter arrived atyour house” They both laughed. There, discussions were made regarding the dateof marriage and wedding reception of the royal couple. “Well, that settleseverything. So, can we consider us as in-laws” The Nizam said and lend his handfor a handshake with Adviser Khan. “I will tell the council tomorrow of thisdiscussion” The Nizam said happily.

The next week, the wedding receptionwas done grandly at Chowmahalla Palace with the presence of British Rajofficial including The Viceroy and Governor-General of India and other royalguests from the neighbouring princely states. An array of oriental delicacieswere serve as well as European dishes, to comfort the British officials. Beforedeparting the dinner, His Excellency the Viceroy gave a few words “Tonight we sharedthe gift of love by the marriage of the Sahibzada and Shahida Begum. Cheers tothe both of you, let only death do you apart” The Viceroy toasted. The guestsof honour also raised their glasses and toasted to a long-lasting relationship.

“My dear, by the meantime, you’regoing to be the Nizam and all, but I’m not ready to become the Begum Consort”Shahida cried. The worry could be seen prominently by her face. At that time inher mind was “I’m not going to become a queen”. “Don’t worry love, everythingwill be fine” The Sahibzada said optimistically. “Alright, if you still want tobecome the Nizam then leave me” She said. This time her tone was lifted as asign of resistance and angst. “Dear, don’t be like this, it is not you” Theprince said anxiously. “Fine, if you can’t do so, then don’t be the Nizam.Think about it, how you could possibly show your affection from a chair, withthe whim of the council and princely duties? You could not care for the peopledirectly” justified Shahida. After burning the midnight oil discussing of thematter. The Sahibzada resolved to turn down the title as heir apparent to thethrone of Hyderabad in favour of his nephew.

The next day a sudden tension arosefrom the state council. “How could he not be the future NIzam. His Highness’excuses were preposterous” said a council member. “We will see what will theNizam said about this” said the prime minister. “If my son is reluctant tosucceed the throne, then it is best if he does not do so rather than fulfillinghis duties half-heartedly. Am I wrong with this?” said the Nizam clearly. “Sir,are you saying that you consented his decision?” said the prime minister. “DidI sounded otherwise?” asked the Nizam.

The day after the meeting, theproclamation of the new heir to the nizamate. The Grand Chamberlain announced“It is agreed and consented by His Exalted Highness the Nizam that SahibzadaMir Abdul Karim Bahadur Khan, left the seat as the heir apparent in favour ofSahibzada Osman Ali. It is proclaim by the consent of the Nizam and the Houseof Asaf Jah that Sahibzada Osman Ali will be the new heir to the throne ofHyderabad. May Allah blessed The Nizam”

“Are you happy now, Shahida?” TheSahibzada said. “I’m happy enough that you had commited a great sacrifice forme and people of Hyderabad” Shahida replied. Since then, he was seen morefrequent meeting the people as a representative of the royal house, aiding thepoor and promoting loyalty and love towards the Nizam by the same time. Itshowed true love and care towards his soul mate and the people of his country.


























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